Does faster clot removal in ICH give better patient outcomes?

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MISTIE Treatment Success at University of Kansas

Dr. Paul Camarata, a neurosurgeon and investigator for the MISTIE trial, was interviewed today about the successful treatment of a patient at the University of Kansas Medical CenterMIS stands for minimally-invasive surgery and is the technique used to place a catheter into the patient's intracerebral hematoma. (ICH, also called intracerebral hemorrhage, is a type of stroke caused by bleeding in the brain). A drug called tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) is then administered into this catheter for 1 to 3 days to breakup the blood clot (by enhancing a natural process called thrombolysis) so it can be drained out of the catheter.


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International Stroke Conference 2012 - Daniel Hanley's Presentation on MISTIE Phase II Results

Dr. Daniel F. Hanley presented the results of the MISTIE Phase II trial today at the International Stroke Conference (ISC) in New Orleans. A copy of the abstract, presentation slides and the video are available in this article (click CONTINUE READING for the full article). Also, be sure to see Gayane Yenokyan's recent presentation to the CLEAR III investigators and coordinators on the preliminary outcomes data.

MISTIE Phase II Results: Safety, Efficacy and Surgical Performance

Background: We report the primary clinical outcome results (180 day mRS) for the “Minimally Invasive Surgery plus t-PA for Intracerebral Hemorrhage Evacuation” (MISTIE) trial, a NINDS-funded, two-stage, study of safety, efficacy, and surgical performance that continued to completion after a planned interim analysis showed a strong indication of safety, and efficacy.

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The MISTIE III grant has been submitted!

After a tremendous effort over several months by all of the staff at the Johns Hopkins BIOS (Brain Injury Outcomes) coordinating center as well as the coordinators and investigators at over 35 investigational sites, we are happy to announce that a grant application has been submitted to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS, part of the National Institute of Health or NIH) requesting funding for the next phase in the MISTIE clinical development program.

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MISTIE Investigators Recognized for Saving a Man's Life

Issam Awad, MD, and Joseph Pagone Joseph Pagone, 53, collapsed in his shower with a loud thud. The impact startled his wife, Jan, who ran to the bathroom to find him struggling to get up. His dominant right side was useless.


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