Does faster clot removal in ICH give better patient outcomes?

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MISTIE-3 Startup Progress

Updated as of site manager's tracking at 10/16/2013 12:00pm EDT

MISTIE III Start-Up is well underway.  To help track everyone’s progress in this monumental task, we have created the images below which equate the MISTIE III start-up process to the climbing of Mt. Everest. Your expert mountain guides for this expedition are the site managers- Noeleen, Tracey, Amanda, and Bing. 

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11th Annual Neurocritical Care Conference

BIOS presented two posters at the 11th Annual Neurocritical Care Conference this past week in Philadelphia. Both projects featured data from CLEAR IVH, MISTIE II and ICES.  Of special note, Tiffany Chang’s poster titled “ICH Localization and Anatomic Subregion Involvement is Associated with Long-term Functional Outcomes” was recognized as one of 12 Distinguished Posters.

The abstracts for these projects are below. We have also provided links for downloading the posters. 

Thank you all for your hard work in making this ground-breaking research possible! 

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MISTIE-related Websites You May Need

The U.S. launch of MISTIE-III is fast approaching and U.S. sites should be preparing now for the November investigator's meeting (Europe & Asia will launch next year). For the new folks, here's a quick run-down on the several websites you may need to visit. Click the links to go directly to them.

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Next Steps for Qualified MISTIE-III Sites

Next Steps for Qualified MISTIE-III Sites

You've submitted your Site Suitability Assessment Survey (SASS), completed the team feasibility interview, and have been accepted into the MISTIE-III consortium. Congratulations! Now what are the next steps? Your "Startup Sherpa" (a/k/a your site manager) will guide you on this next step "up the mountain" but here's a brief summary of the steps and some important links.

You must book your hotel room no later than 18-October, so be sure to read all the details below!

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BIOS Summer Student Projects Provide New Data About MISTIE Surgical Task

BIOS Summer Student Projects Provide New Data About MISTIE Surgical Task

As the summer comes to an end and we begin training for MISTIE III, there is no better time to reflect on what we learned from MISTIE II, and who better to help us with that than summer interns! This year we were lucky to have three wonderful interns (pictured below with Dr. Hanley from left to right): Qian Qian Liu from University of Maryland Medical School, Shane Thorp from Gettysburg College, and Ryan Fisico from Johns Hopkins University. 

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Brain Injury Outcomes

Johns Hopkins University
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Baltimore, MD 21231 USA
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