Updated as of site manager's tracking at 10/16/2013 12:00pm EDT

MISTIE III Start-Up is well underway.  To help track everyone’s progress in this monumental task, we have created the images below which equate the MISTIE III start-up process to the climbing of Mt. Everest. Your expert mountain guides for this expedition are the site managers- Noeleen, Tracey, Amanda, and Bing. 



Hello MISTIE III Everest Climbers!

We are reaching the final ascent! For this month, we would like you to begin training so you are prepared for the Investigator’s Meeting in November. Completing these trainings now will prepare you for final push up the mountain through the “Death Zone” and onto the summit- our first patient enrollment! 

The Surgeon, Coordinator, PI and Pharmacist at your site should complete all their required trainings in October. Points will not be awarded until each person has completed all their required trainings and course certificates have been uploaded to the eTMF!

 Instructions for completing the online trainings can be found here(link to MISTIE III Required Site Training). 

Please note, the Outcomes Course will not be available until after the Investigator Meeting, so you do not need to worry about completing that course right now. The CRF course is also still in development, but should be ready soon. 

As you view your current placement on Everest, please keep in mind that there will be a special award at the Investigator’s Meeting for the top climbers. The standings below are as of the site managers’ tracking by noon on 10/16. 

·         Camp 1, Valley of Silence-AUGUST

o   6100 m - 6400 m / 20000 - 21000 ft.

·         Camp 2, Icy Lhotse wall- SEPTEMBER

o   6400 m / 21000 ft.

·         Camp 3, Lhotse wall- OCTOBER

o   6800m - 8000 m / 22300 ft - 26300 ft.

·         Camp 4, the Death Zone-November

o   8000 m / 26000 ft.

·         The summit-DECEMBER

o   8850 m / 29035 ft.




Please let us know if something is missing or incorrect. We are all working as hard as we can with all of you to make the MISTIE-3 Start-Up as successful as possible, and you all deserve the recognition for all your hard work.