Does faster clot removal give better patient outcomes in IVH?


Last enrollment was #4500 at Henry Ford Hospital on 14-Jan-2015


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CLEAR-III Screen Failure Classification Change

screen failure classification question on CLEAR-III EDC demographics form

An interesting early observation from the study has been the seemingly high frequency of Moyamoya disease in the population of potential candidates for this trial. The term Moyamoya is derived from the Japanese word for “puff of smoke” which is how the small weak vessels that develop to compensate for the constriction caused by this disease appear on angiography.

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New CLEAR-III Outcomes Tracking Report

Outcomes summary report from the CLEAR-III EDC.The Coordinating Center (but not the monitoring team) is blinded to the outcomes data from Day 30 to Day 365, so tracking what data we have and what we don’t has been a challenge. To our rescue comes a new summary report that can now be accessed by clicking the SUMMARY button while viewing a list of patients or a list of sites. The green checks indicate the outcome questionnaire has been completed. The red “x’s” indicate an assessment that might be missing.

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Brain Injury Outcomes

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