Does faster clot removal give better patient outcomes in IVH?


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Welcome USC - Keck School of Medicine!

CLEAR-III Speaker Series Nov-11 to Feb-12

We are pleased to present a speaker series over the next five months, bringing you international leaders and CLEAR III trial specialists. The series opened this month on September 15th, 22nd, and 23rd with NINDS Clinical Trial Specialist, Jamie Roberts, speaking on Social Marketing Strategies to Improve Recruitment to CLEAR III.

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CLEAR-III Nov-2011 Webinar

Our distinguished guest speakers for the CLEAR-III webinar on Nov-17 were Professor Kennedy Lees from the University of Glasgow and Dr. Wendy Ziai from Johns Hopkins.

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New CLEAR-III Surgical Matters Presentation

Dr. Issam Awad, Co-Chairman and head of the CLEAR-III Surgical Center, recently made a presentation to the neurosurgeons and neurointensivists in this trial that you do not want to miss! Dr. Awad updated us on the latest surgical findings from the trial and how they impact the management of patients.

The webinar is available from Emissary College and is also available from the CLEAR-III Podcast. If you use iTunes, you can subscribe to our Podcast and watch the video on your iPhone or iPad.

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CLEAR-III Tips from a UCLA Coordinator

On the ICP Management form, there's a requirement to record the highest and lowest blood pressure within a 4-hour period. The determination of what is the highest and what is the lowest pressure in that period is based on mean arterial pressure (MAP). At UCLA, our system calculates MAP with an algorithm that doesn't completly agree with the equation MAP=((2xDBP)+SBP)/3, so I created an Excel spreadsheet to help identify the highest/lowest pressure.

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Report from the CLEAR-III DSMB Meeting (UPDATED)

[UPDATED 15-Nov] The Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) for the CLEAR III clinical trial met today in both a closed session (to review unblinded data on the first 100 patients without the management team being present) and an open session where they asked questions of the project management and biostatistics teams from the BIOS Coordinating Center at Johns Hopkins. The official letter and a copy of the minutes have now been released and are attached below.

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Brain Injury Outcomes

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