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The CLEAR-III World Cup Competition

World Cup ChampionsJuly 1st is the start of the 4th fiscal year for the CLEAR-III trial (the first patient enrolled in Sep-2009). And this year we are introducing a new friendly competition called the CLEAR-III World Cup. Similar to international soccer competitions, regional groups of 3 to 5 clinical sites will be organized into teams. The teams will score points based on achieving certain performance goals such as having a randomization, resolving queries promptly, or completing a patient visit within the expected visit window.

The idea for this unique and exciting competition came from from one of the BIOS Reading Center staff, Sam Tak. Sam has created a wonderful new opportunity to enhance internal collaboration at sites and to foster camaraderie among the trial sites. Of course, we'll use our VISION-EDC system to track each teams scores on a real-time basis.

In round one, there will be 21 teams in the league. This league competition runs from July to December. After December, the top 10 teams will enter into a Champion League competition for a chance to be named the CLEAR-III World Cup Champion. (I hear there will be trophies!). The remaining teams will continue in the Second Chance league competition.

Here's the league line-up for the first round:

Brazil A

  • 246- Hospital de Pronto Socorro de Porto Alegre
  • 248- Hospital de Clinicas de Ribeirao Preto
  • 253- Hospital Sao Jose, Joinville
  • 298- Hospital Sao Paulo Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo

Brazil B

  • 242- Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre
  • 244- Hospital Mae de Deus
  • 252- Hospital Universitario Clementino Fraga Filho
  • 254- Hospital Espanhol

Germany A

  • 182- University of Leipzig
  • 198- University of Erlangen
  • 284- University of Halle

Germany B

  • 111- University of Heidelberg
  • 204- University of Mainz
  • 307- Hospital Frankfurt Hoechst


  • 287- University of Szeged
  • 291- University of Debrecen
  • 292- University of Pecs
  • 293- Budapest - Honved Korhaz


  • 237- Chaim Sheba Medical Center
  • 278- Hadassah Hebrew University Hospital
  • 282- Sourasky Medical Center Tel Aviv


  • 220- Bellvitge Hospital, Barcelona
  • 221- Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Barcelona
  • 269- University of Zurich
  • 279- Vall d'Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona

United Kingdom

  • 175- Newcastle General Hospital
  • 303- Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
  • 266- University of Southampton Hospital

USA South Central

  • 133- University of Texas, Houston
  • 179- University of Texas, San Antonio
  • 216- University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • 241- Vanderbilt
  • 243- University of Texas Southwestern

USA South Atlantic

  • 131- Medical University of South Carolina
  • 218- Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville
  • 267- University of South Florida
  • 295- InterCoastal Medical Center
  • 296- Wake Forest University

USA Macon Dixon

  • 100- Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • 102- Virginia Commonwealth University
  • 173- University of Maryland
  • 217- Georgetown University USA


  • 120- Temple University Hospital
  • 143- Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • 275- Penn State Hershey Medical Center
  • 286- Albert Einstein Medical Center
  • 308- Abington Memorial Hospital

USA Mid-Atlantic

  • 101- Mount Sinai
  • 104- Columbia University
  • 222- New Jersey Neuroscience Institute at JFK
  • 240- North Shore Long Island
  • 258- Cooper University Hospital

USA North Atlantic

  • 205- University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • 214- SUNY Upstate Medical Center
  • 265- Allegheny General Hospital
  • 280- University of Buffalo

USA/Canada - New England

  • 154- Yale University
  • 161- Hartford Hospital
  • 184- Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill University
  • 209- Boston University Medical Center
  • 297- Maine Medical Center

USA Ohio

  • 134- University of Cincinnati
  • 194- Henry Ford Health System
  • 232- Case-Western Reserve University Hospital
  • 306- Ohio State University Medical Center

USA East North Central

  • 153- Medical College of Wisconsin
  • 208- University of Illinois at Chicago
  • 223- Rush University
  • 234- University of Chicago

USA West North Central

  • 272- University of Iowa
  • 300- Kansas University Medical Center
  • 305- Ruan Neurology Clinic and Research Center

USA Missouri

  • 144- Saint Louis University
  • 230- St. Luke's Brain and Stroke Institute, Kansas City
  • 263- Springfield Neurological and Spine Institute

USA/Canada Mountain

  • 170- University of Alberta
  • 238- University of Utah
  • 304- Mayo Clinic Arizona

USA Pacific

  • 157- Stanford University 225- UCLA
  • 262- Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
  • 270- Providence Stroke Center

Teams are encouraged to create a name, logo and mascot for their teams!

Here's the scoring table:

A few rules apply:

For meetings/webinars/events where the investigator's attendance is mandatory (such as the annual surgical review meeting), both the coordinator and investigator must attend.

Screens entered into the EDC must have the symptom onset date so they can be attributed to the correct competition.

On the %Queries Resolved and %Visits Entered metrics, 1 point is awarded for each 10% of queries/visits that meet the standard. For example, if 80% of your queries are answered within 7 days, you will accrue 8 points.

For outcome visits, the actual visit date (as entered on the status form in the EDC) must be within the allowed visit window.

Patient visits requiring uploading of a Modified Rankin Score (mRS) video for review by the Glasgow University Outcomes Center should be scheduled at least a week before the visit window closes. This allows time to upload the video and receive back the score from Glasgow while still within the allowable visit window.

Scores are automatically adjusted based on the number of clinical sites in each team and were organized to give every team an equal chance. However, we may adjust the team composition from time-to-time based on changes at the associated clinical sites (such as a site closure).


Current Standing:


Ohio State, with one recent enrollment, and Case-Western Reserve are steadily marching their team down the field by getting data entered and queries resolved promptly. An enrollment from Henry Ford or Cincinnati this month could make this team hard to beat. Their team, Ohio/Michigan, is currently in first place with 58 points, followed by Team Israel with 40 points, thanks to the strong showing by Chaim Sheba with their 7 screens and 1 enrollment so far this month. Sheba could really use some help from Sourasky or Hadassah, neither of which have screened a patient yet. Thomas Jefferson, the current screening leader, with their 10 screens, and with the help of Temple and Hershey with their prompt query responses, have brought Team Philadelphia into a close third with 39 points. We haven't yet heard much from the Pacific, Mountain or Brazilian teams this month; let's hope they get in the game soon! At this point, it is anybody's to win, as a few good enrollments could quickly launch any team to the top and we still have five months to go in this round. So, please keep screening and let's keep the fun going!


The Clear III World Cup results are in for the month of July. And, at the top of the leader board with 79 points sits team USA-Ohio/Michigan. This team made it to the top with great performances from Ohio State University and University of Cincinnati. Both teams enrolled 1 patient, and achieved extra points for responding to queries and visits within 7 days. In second place we have team USA-Missouri with 56 points closely followed by USA North Atlantic with 54 points. Our top performing team outside of the USA was Team Israel with 48 points with a great performance from Chaim Sheba. We would like to congratulate all the teams who took part and wish you the best in the upcoming months. Please log-in to the clinical trial site and go to the Info tab for the most up-to date standings.

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