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Important Notice: Updating IE6 Browsers

Are you using an outdated browser to access the VISION clinical trial website? Internet Explorer Version 6 (IE6) users should upgrade to a newer version of this broswer to ensure a more secure connection to our servers and study data.

The Internet has changed greatly over the past 10 years, and web-browsers have adapted to new technologies. The latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer contains updates to keep up with these changes and address enhanced security from new threats. Unfortunately, older versions of IE have some significant security flaws.

Prelude will work hard to continue to support IE 6 users.  However, as Microsoft will no longer provide support this version, Prelude too will begin to phase out direct support of IE 6.

For more information, contact the CLEAR-III Project Manager for Prelude Dynamics LLC:

Andrew Tieken at 512.476.5100 ext. 106



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