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Updated CLEAR-III Bedside Worksheets

The Bedside Worksheets for collecting data in the CLEAR-III trial were recently updated to better match the EDC screens as well as correct a few errors. Please download (see below) this new version and discard any older versions. Here's a summary of the changes.

Table of contents - updated.

Registration - criteria for initial screening matched to wording on EDC screens.

Barthel Index matched to drop-downs of the EDC screens.

NIHSS - matched to drop-down choices of the EDC screens on the Visual Field questions. Added supplemental instruction for assessing best language and dysarthria.

Safety Lab - updated units of measure to match EDC screens and added instruction about holding dose for INR correction.

GRAEB diagram - updated instructions about only selecting expanded when fully-filled with blood. Added instruction to indicate location of catheter tip.

Etiology - added this new form to worksheets to collect data requested by DSMB.

Randomization Eligibility Criteria - updated wording to match EDC.

Dosing - updated to match EDC screen layout.

ICP Management - Added instruction that Day-1 is ALWAYS the date of randomization.

Follow-up Visit Patient Status - removed LTFU option to match EDC screen

Concomitant Medication - corrected inconsistencies

Infection SAE - corrected inconsistencies

Bleeding SAE - corrected inconsistencies



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