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CLEAR-III Tips from a UCLA Coordinator

On the ICP Management form, there's a requirement to record the highest and lowest blood pressure within a 4-hour period. The determination of what is the highest and what is the lowest pressure in that period is based on mean arterial pressure (MAP). At UCLA, our system calculates MAP with an algorithm that doesn't completly agree with the equation MAP=((2xDBP)+SBP)/3, so I created an Excel spreadsheet to help identify the highest/lowest pressure.

 First, I separate the readings into intervals of 4 hours and enter the paired systolic-diastolic pressure for each period. Then, on the bottom, I have the formula that calculates the MAP and I mark the highest pressure in red and the lowest in green.

Also, I have developed a daily coordinator checklist, a medication order that I send to the pharmacist requesting each dose of drug, and a worksheet for capturing the details of each test article administration so that the residents do not forget to record the procedure.

Also I use Acrobat professional and I put together the orders for CT, CSF draws and Plasminogen and fibrinogen for baseline and I have them ready. When a patient comes I alwasy print all the orders from day 1 to day 7 and I put them in the patients chart.

I hope that other coordinators will find these documents useful. If you have any question I will be more than happy to help. Feel free to contact me.


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CLEAR-III MAP Calculator 61 KB

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CLEAR-III Dosing Report from UCLA 22.5 KB

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