We are pleased to present a speaker series over the next five months, bringing you international leaders and CLEAR III trial specialists. The series opened this month on September 15th, 22nd, and 23rd with NINDS Clinical Trial Specialist, Jamie Roberts, speaking on Social Marketing Strategies to Improve Recruitment to CLEAR III.

Speaking on November 17th, at 8 AM and 2 PM EST, Hopkins CLEAR III PI Wendy Ziai will discuss Drip Chamber Protocols and EVD Drainage. Immediately following, University of Glasgow’s Kennedy Lees, Chairman of the CLEAR III Endpoint Committee, will expand our mRankin proficiency with a brief talk on Evaluating Historic Rankin Eligibilities during Screening.

Other speakers include:

December 15Gayane Yenokyan, CLEAR III Biostatistician in the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, will speak on the Trajectory of Recovery in Hemorrhagic Stroke.

The November & December broadcasts will air only twice monthly:

8 AM and 2 PM on Nov 17th

8 AM and 2 PM on Dec 15th

January 19 and 26 – Gayane Yenokyan and Jon Geller, CLEAR III Biostatisticians in the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, will present an update on Adaptive Randomization and its Impact on the CLEAR III Trial.

February 16 and 23 – Janet Mighty, the CLEAR III Trial Pharmacist, will provide a review to illustrate some of the differences and similarities between low molecular weight heparins and unfractionated heparins, to improve our understanding of their uses and limitations in the CLEAR III trial.

Beginning January, 2012, the CLEAR III broadcasts will air three (3) times per month: at 8 AM and 2PM each third Thursday and at 9 AM on the fourth Thursday. Please mark this change on your calendars.

Beginning January, 2012, all attendees must go to the CLEAR III website and register for the 2012 year. You may register for more than one session but everyone must register for at least one time slot. Please bear in mind that every site is contractually obligated to attend one broadcast every month to be eligible for the annual fixed disbursement.

All webinars available for download & listening on the CLEAR III Website