CLEAR-III Day-180 Results Presented at International Stroke Conference

CLEAR-III was all the talk at this year's International Stroke Conference (ISC). We had a number of presentations and posters discussing the Day-180 results of this six-year international multicenter trial exploring the delivery of alteplase, a thrombolytic ("clot buster"), via the extraventricular drain in patients with intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH). Thank you to all the clinical site staff and patients that contributed to this trial. There is alway more research needed when dealing with such a serious condition, but the knowledge gained on this project has been invaluable and will shape the future direction of future research for years to come.

Interview with Dr. Daniel Hanley, Co-principal Investigator for CLEAR-III

Photos of the team attending ISC

ISC Media Release

Abstracts and Slides  Dr. Hanley's presentation was LB12. Dr. Issam Awad's presentation was LB13

 Additionally, there have been lots of new articles about the CLEAR III results:


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