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CLEAR-III Coordinator of the Year

Coordinators of the Year 2012 attending the ISC Meeting in Honolulu next FebruaryEach July the BIOS coordinating center hosts an annual awards meeting where we honor those coordinators that have made exceptional contributions to this clinical trial over the last fiscal year. One of the most anticipated events during this meeting is the CLEAR-III Coordinator of the Year announcement. In keeping with our ThrombOlympics theme this month, we renamed the award as the gold medal and played the Olympic theme in the background, adding to the excitement. In very close competition, we had a tie and two coordinators won the gold medal this year:  Terry Cole from Rush University and Julie Martinez from the University of Utah.

Terry Cole is a nurse and Certified Clinical Research Coordinator who has been involved with the CLEAR III trial since the start. Notably, Rush University has enrolled more patients into this study than any other site, a total of 16 since the study started three years ago! Despite this high volume, Terry has kept up with the data entry and query resolution tasks with relative ease and her professionalism and expertise is reflected in all of her work.

Julie Martinez is a relative newcomer to clinical research, with this being her first experience as a clinical trial coordinator. She joined the study in May 2011, taking over mid-study from a prior coordinator. Despite the disadvantage of not having been able to attend one of the group investigator meetings, Julie came up to speed very quickly, enrolling a first patient within 4 weeks followed by 4 more in rapid succession. Even with this high volume, the University of Utah has top rankings in data timeliness and quality, reflecting Julie's high enthusiasm and her significant contribution to this trial.

The honor of Coordinator of the Year comes with certain duties. This year, the best coordinator will be asked to assist with an important mid-study Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) meeting and a presentation of the interim still-blinded study results at the the International Stroke Conference (ISC). It is a happy coincidence that the ISC meeting this year happens to be in Honolulu Hawaii.

The process for selecting the best coordinator was established during the first year of the study and is based on a set of objective metrics derived from the Quarterly Assessment of Performance or QAP reports.  The QAP is a 3-page snapshot detailing where a site stands in relation to the expectations established for various performance metrics such as data entry, protocol compliance, and the number of queries generated. Exceeding these expectations earns the site points in this friendly competition. Additional points are awarded for each randomized patient to represent the volume of work required to enroll a patient and coordinate his/her participation in the 12-month study.

There were six sites that qualified as finalists for this award. In addition to the two gold medal winners, the following additional sites were also recognized:

Silver (3-way tie):

  • Heena Olalde - University of Iowa
  • Tali Kimchi - Chaim Sheba Medical Center
  • Anne Leonard - University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio


  • Oleg Rivkin - North Shore University Long Island

Congratulations and our appreciation go to these six coordinators and to all the CLEAR-III coordinators who are making such a tremendous contribution to the development of this potential new treatment for patients with intraventricular hemorrhage.

To see the entire list of this year's awards and detailed breakdown of the final scoring process, check out the webinar video here: http://youtu.be/LQx4zFgyaU0

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